Beginnings - How the Warren Hardy Spanish School Started

Warren and Tuli Hardy - 1990 - San Miguel de Allende
In September of 1990 Warren and Tuli Hardy were honeymooning in Puerto Vallarta when they went to an art opening at Galeria Uno.  They met Dan Reuffert.  In a copacetic conversation Dan suggested they visit San Miguel de Allende.  How far down the coast is that? They asked.  No, its inland about eight hours.  Not interested, they said.  You will be pleasantly surprised he insisted.

A few days later Warren and Tuli were driving their conversion van to San Miguel de Allende. 

Arrived at the Mirador late at night and slept.   Daybreak.  Looked down on the little town.  Excited to see it, they drove to the Jardin where they parked in front of the Parroquia.  As the city came alive with street sweepers, street dogs and vendors they watched the sun color the Parroquia with beautiful shades of pink.  

Jon Schooler, a local artist sat down next to them and asked what they were doing there.

 They said that Dan Reuffert sent them.  Jon asked what "they did" and Warren said he was a Spanish teacher.  Jon and his mom Sidell wanted to learn Spanish so they set up a Spanish class for three o'clock at Sidell's galeria.  Warren showed up and taught and everyone was pleased.
That night over dinner Warren and Tuli decided to try their luck in San Miguel.  The next day they rented an apartment in Villas Marta and moved in.  Warren started private lessons and Tuli started selling her homemade pastries (Tuli's Dulces)  in the local restaurants.  That same year, 1990,  the Warren Hardy School was founded in San Miguel de Allende. Twenty eight years and sixteen thousand students later the rest is history.

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