Tres Amigas - Three Women Share Their Mexico Stories

Tres Amigas - Gail, Susie, and Laurie

"Owning our stories is standing in our truth. It’s transformative in our personal and professional lives AND it’s also critical in our community lives." Brene Brown

We all have our stories, and when we make big decisions in our life such as visiting or living in Mexico it can be transformative and a part of our journey. These three women share a part of their story, and their experience in Mexico in July 2018. They are learning Spanish with 27 other students in the same Level 1 Power Verbs class at the Warren Hardy Spanish School community in San Miguel de Allende. 

Susie J. 
"I decided to sell my home in Kansas City in January. My house sold within 8 hours and left me in the position of deciding where I wanted to be rather quickly.  I found myself free to go anywhere as it was the 1st time since my early 20s that I was free from all responsibilities to work for others. I have always loved to travel and had lived abroad in my early twenties so I decided I would travel for a year and see where my heart ends up. 

I began in Peru 2 months ago and have chosen San Miguel de Allende as my 2nd destination specifically because of the Warren Hardy Spanish school. I was introduced to Warren and Tulli at the Int'l Living Conference in Atlanta in April this year where I took their 6 hour Spanish course.

I felt like I learned so much and felt empowered to travel solo in Spanish speaking countries for the next 6 to 8 months. I am super excited to be here and very excited about the classes as they are interesting and fun. 

Gail H.
Next?  I am considering Columbia or Uruguay. I will also be visiting Costa Rica and Spain for sure. In my quest to find my next home, I am living in the moment and enjoying this beautiful planet we call home. May all of our lives be filled with joy and laughter and fun! 😎" - Susie J.
"San Miguel beckoned me from afar!  I was contemplating where to live while my house in San Francisco was being readied for sale. Short-term rentals in the Bay Area were expensive and besides, I wanted a change.  A memory from the 1970’s, when a friend and I had visited SMA for a few days, flashed into my head. I thought of the beauty, the weather and the flowers everywhere. 

A friend told me about VRBO, I contacted them on line and rented 2 different charming places in Allende and one in Independencia over a three month period to experience different areas of the city. 

One of the greatest assets of this town is the warmth and generosity of the people. Once on my way back to Allende from Centro, I got totally lost.  I appealed to a young Mexican woman on the street and she didn’t hesitate to help. She led me through difficult terrain over rocky, hilly slopes a long way to the highway where I could catch a taxi. I feel indebted to her and all the other Mexicans who have been so generous with their time and energy.
After that I was hooked. I am now in the process of buying a condo in La Lejona and am loving running around town looking for furniture and art, and of course, taking Spanish classes." - Gail H.
Laurie M. 
"I first came to San Miguel de Allende long ago and always promised myself that I would return. Little did I know that 35 years would go by before that would happen! My family is now grown and I am free to think of myself and what I need... Adventure was the answer. I’ve traveled a lot and I’ve found that having a focus of interest makes everything deeper, richer and more enjoyable. 

Being in my late 60s, I wanted to exercise my brain by studying Spanish without experiencing the pain of language learning that I had when I was younger in school. I researched all of the available SMA schools and knew that I had found the answer with Warren Hardy! Classes and homework progress intuitively and naturally and, best of all, painlessly! The locals are helpful with my practice and I am thrilled with my progress!

I plan to continue coming down here every 6 months to continue my classes, practice my fluency, eat amazing food and visit new friends!
What great fun!!!" - Laurie M. 

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  1. Nice! We do indeed each have a story that can be empowering and help us connect with the bigger world.