My Big Fat Adventure - A Caregiving Story

Manon - a student at Warren Hardy Spanish School 
Caregiving can be very demanding and stressful for family members, especially with challenging conditions such as Alzeimer's. The cost of a full time facility can be extremely high. In the San Francisco Bay Area it is about $10,000 a month.

One of our students offered her story about her caregiving experience in Mexico as a possible solution for others in similar circumstances.

"About 7 years ago, my husband & I realized that “something” was starting to misfire in his brain.

Within the next 3 years it became very clear that he had dementia; couldn’t remember simple things, suddenly couldn’t cook anymore, couldn’t retain anything he read & was confused off and on throughout the day.  He soon lost his drivers license.  He was very angry and I was devastated.  I had to do everything.

His diagnosis was moderate - severe dementia secondary to probable Alzheimers.
Fast forward to three years later & he needed almost full-time care.  I retired from the SFVA Medical Center and became his caregiver. I looked at Facilities where we lived and quickly realized that $10,000 plus per month was not affordable for us.

Through a friend, I was introduced to Jim, who had recently placed his 94 year old mother in a long term care facility in San Miguel de Allende and so my journey began.

I arrived for my 1st visit in October 2017 with a good friend and visited 4 facilities.  Casa Cieneguita, Cielito Lindo in Los Labradores, Alma Care Facility and Casa de Reposo Santa Sofia. I chose Casa de Reposo for many reasons and he and I with another good friend in tow arrived back in San Miguel on April 30, 2018.

He had a successful evaluation appointment that morning @ 9am and he was admitted to the

facility later that morning.

And thus My Big Fat Adventure began.  I’ve been here happily for 3 months and visit him everyday.  He likes his room, his bed, loves the food and his doctor.  He’s getting really caring, loving care and seems quite content.

I plan to travel back and forth to the states for now but eventually will buy a home."
Manon M.