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Why Learning Spanish Can Be a Life Changing Experience, as It Has Been for Me When I Moved to Mexico 

and why I had to write these ten reasons to study online.

David Brown, expat blogger and student
Warren Hardy Spanish School 
When I did a firewalk with Tony Robbins about ten years ago, I walked across hot coals for ten feet without getting my feet burned. It was one of those defining moments that I will never forget.

Experiencing the Spanish courses of Level 1 Spanish Power Verbs and then the Level 2 course was also a defining moment in my new expat life here in Mexico. And after both classes my feet are doing just fine, as well as my mind and heart.

I decided to change my life by moving to Mexico in December 2017. In all the past years that I had traveled in Mexico I never knew about the social protocols, and did not use them. One of the first things that is in the Warren Hardy Spanish Level 1 course is the importance of the cortesía, or social protocols. When I started using the phrases and courtesy greetings that I learned from Webtutor - the online learning course - it was and continues to be one of the most rewarding experiences of being here in Mexico in addition to speaking more Spanish. This has also been a defining moment for me, as not only was I learning Spanish, I was "living the language" by using certain greetings in Spanish with local Mexicans here in San Miguel de Allende. The way that most responded with a return greeting showed me that they may have appreciated how I showed my respect for their culture by using these social protocols. They may have even been surprised as they may not have been used to being greeted by foreigners in this way. This was the "surprise" for me in learning the cortesía expressions in Spanish, using them in real life encounters with the Mexican people, and experiencing the culture on a whole different level. 

This cortesía is not only used in Mexico, it is a common courtesy in all Spanish speaking countries. So if you're traveling or moving to Costa Rica, or Peru, or Ecuador, you will experience the culture on a deeper level by learning Spanish and practicing the cortesía..
For me the cortesia alone is worth the value of the entire course, which is now being offered at a reduced price. What is very cool about the classes taught at the school in San Miguel de Allende is that the content is duplicated exactly with the workbook and forty one videos in the online course Webtutor, with a unique method of teaching by one of the most recognized Spanish language educators in the world, - Warren Hardy - according to International Living, a living and traveling abroad resource.

So How Can You Quickly (and Easily) Learn to Speak Spanish? I’m David Brown, an expat blogger and "web guy".
Since I am a writer, I decided to break it down into ten reasons to learn Spanish online with Webtutor. 
So here we go. At the end you will also learn why studying Spanish makes your brain smile:)

Warren Hardy - Master Teacher and Educational Innovator.
Mr. Hardy is recognized worldwide for Spanish language learning. He has written seven textbooks and developed a powerful learning system (started in 1972) which is now available online as Webtutor and used by thousands worldwide. This three minute video below is both an introduction to Level 1 Power Verbs beginning class and a sample of the 41 videos provided in the online learning course, WebTutor. 

Advanced Learning Methods

Advanced learning methods are used in the online course for studying Spanish in particular and for a student audience demographic of over age 50, including those who are retired, expats, or travelers. The unique approach to learning Spanish by learning verbs and their conjugations opens up many possibilities of conversation in Spanish with confidence. 

Easy Access

The WebTutor can be accessed by any device, including mobile phones, ipads, and tablets. As a result, Spanish study can be done anywhere at any time.

It's like having your own private lessons.

Warren is one of the most knowledgeable and friendly persons that I have met here in San Miguel de Alllende, Mexico. For being a recognized master teacher and education innovator worldwide, he is very humble, and makes learning fun.

And he will teach you on your iphone, tablet, or android on demand when you have Webtutor.


International Living - over 7000 users worldwide

The Warren Hardy Spanish Language School is the only Spanish learning program endorsed by International Living, one of the largest resources for living abroad online and in travel magazines. 


The cortesía is the cultural norm for greetings and manners in Mexico. The common phrases in Spanish are "Buenos Dias", "Buenos Tardes", and "Buen Provecho". These are taught at the beginning of the Level 1 Spanish Web Tutor course, and encourage students to practice their Spanish right away with local Mexicanas to show respect for their culture in their own language.

"One video that really stood out for me was the one on the 
cortesía, and I watched it over and over until I felt good about speaking the phrases. So I started greeting people and the response that I get truly breaks open the warmth that the people have here." 
Todd Pierce, student

Embedded Videos -  41 per Course

Research has shown that videos increase the learning experience. Webtutor includes 41 videos with Warren Hardy that are matched up with a 150 page workbook. Both can be downloaded. Also, there are more than 44 fun games in all—and each one can be played two ways… from English to Spanish or from Spanish to English. So that’s 88 entertaining ways to reinforce your progress. Like the rest of the program, you can play with the videos at your own pace… anywhere, any time, and as often as you like. 

Expat - Baby Boomer Learning Focus

As I described above, the majority of students who study Spanish with
Webtutor or at the local classes offered in San Miguel de Allende are baby boomers, retired or semi-retired, living abroad or world travelers. We have many students that have shared their learning experience on our Alumni Stories blog that describes how students were engaged with the learning method.

 Satisfaction Guarantee

There is a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the
Webtutor product. From my own experience and thousands worldwide using Webtutor,  I am not surprised that they guarantee satisfaction with a full refund within 30 days. 
… In just the first 20-minute session, you will see why. You will learn sentences and phrases right away, while also starting to learn the "Power Verbs" that form the basis of most conversations in Spanish.

The Warren Hardy Spanish School is so confident in their students results that they offer this guarantee. No questions asked. There's no risk in trying it, and you will see the quality of teaching in the very first lesson. And you will see how learning Spanish can be fun also. 


"Probably the best Spanish teacher in the world. Really. He has an amazing gift with 40 years experience." - Mike Goot

"Hey I wanted to share with you something.   I was talking to my wife about these lessons and one of the things that I doubt you hear much is….that when I am going through them they are very motivating and inspirational to learn.   There are times that learning Spanish is intimidating and can be a turn off or it kinda humbles you and you think about giving up.   When I do your lessons though I find it just the opposite.  I want to learn more and practice more. So hats off to your style of how you teach this. I consider this a very good investment and really can see how much more easily I converse with Spanish speaking people now and I am only on the 2nd level.  It is so cool to see natives smile and sort of light up when you try even when you make mistakes and I don’t see this same kind of behavior towards English speaking expats who just seem to wing it with English or even worse…yell at them. Anyway….just a compliment to the teaching style and very much appreciated!   I am moving to Mexico in a few years and I feel like I will be very ready to go with all of this. -Thanks, Tim

"Warren has taught this Spanish class for a number of years yet he approaches each one as if it were his first. His enthusiasm for the subject, organization, energy and sense of humor make it a fun Spanish class. He genuinely wants his students to get Spanish, and does everything to make that happen. This is not just the best Spanish class, but the best class I have ever taken." Pamela De Martini

It Makes Your Brain Smile

Research has shown that studying a foreign language activates new areas of the brain that may have been dormant. As a result, especially for seniors, minds and brains can benefit from the study of Spanish. The use of videos also enhances the learning experience. We want your brain to smile :) 

So these are the ten reasons to study Spanish online with Warren Hardy Spanish Webtutor. I know that you will have fun learning with this method along with myself and thousands of other students. This limited offer from this blog post is about $100 off. With the satisfaction guarantee there is no risk and a full refund within 30 days if you decide it's not for you.

I wish you the best in your travels and in your life. Tenga buena vida! - David Brown

Limited Price Offer $197.00

p.s. if you don't have a Paypal account no worries. Click the Buy Now button then scroll down to the banner that says "Pay with Credit or Debit Card" on the Paypal page and make payment as a guest. 

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